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We are the expert company in B-to-B credit risk management, with operations in Europe and Latin America. Our mission is to accelerate business growth by offering cutting-edge solutions at the fingertips of any type of company. The needs of our customers are the central focus of Atlax 360's global team.

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Every day millions of transactions are carried out all over the world, which entail a valuable knowledge in payment behaviour. In order to extract the maximum potential from these data, Atlax 360 has developed an advanced cloud solution for credit risk management: Yndika.

Maximizing business decisions, anticipating market trends and understanding customer behaviour requires excellent management skills, amongst which good credit risk management is essential.

Yndika is an advanced credit risk management cloud platform that covers the entire Order-to-Cash process, incorporating risk indicators tailored to each company. We apply Artificial Intelligence in risk modelling, so companies can make credit decisions with the highest precision and automate daily processes.


The value of Atlax 360 lies in its data. Atlax is our exclusive data warehouse for payment behaviour. We connect daily with our clients' ERP´s to transform payment behaviour information into indicators with the highest predictive capability. Atlax provides security to credit transactions, thus promoting business growth without risk.


Axesor Rating is a European credit rating agency registered and supervised by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA). We provide an independent credit assessment in order to generate credibility and trust amongst market stakeholders, covering all business areas (Corporate, Project Finance, Structured Finance, Financial Institutions and Sovereign and Sub-Sovereign).

You can access Axesor Rating through the following link.