Atlax is Atlax 360's unique and exclusive database with the most complete multisectoral and daily information on B2B payments behaviour of companies and self-employed persons.

What is Atlax?

Atlax is made up of the payment experiences of all the contributing sectors of the business market, including the main references in each sector. Our transactional information is presented in an aggregated and anonymised form as indicators made to measure for each company.

Atlax provides our clients with a broad knowledge of their debtor and potential portfolios, providing an exhaustive view of their payment evolution:

  • Updated in real time
  • Multisectoral
  • Comprehensive and preventive, with positive, negative and delayed information
  • B2B, providing knowledge in segments for which little or no information is available (self-employed, non-market companies and micro-companies)
How does it work?

By applying Machine Learning techniques to the information contained in Atlax, along with its own behavioural information and traditional public sources (financial, commercial, legal incidences, etc.), Atlax 360's credit risk models reach maximum predictive capacity:


Atlax provides greater security in commercial relations that are highly dependent on commercial credit, while at the same time giving the financial sector greater knowledge of operations taking place outside its scope.